SASO CoC Certifications

SASO Certificate of Conformity (SASO CoC) is mandatory for any product imported to Saudi Arabia. AsiaInspection provides 3rd party SASO certification services for products manufactured in Asia and Australia.


SASO Certification

All products entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must comply with the requirements of the Conformity Assessment Program enforced by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In order to clear the Saudi customs, all imports require a Certificate of Conformity (SASO CoC) issued by an authorized 3rd party provider in the country of product origin. This mandatory Certificate asserts that the products and / or manufacturing processes comply with the Saudi national standards issued and adopted by Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, and is therefore required for a smooth custom clearance for imported goods.

The SASO certification scheme is in line with the Saudi Future Vision for Quality 2020 program, through which the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) aims to improve and develop the quality of the products and services sold in Saudi Arabia, by accrediting certification bodies such as AsiaInspection to ensure its implementation.

AsiaInspection: a Fully Accredited Certification Body

AsiaInspection is accredited as a certification body by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry & Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization. AI is authorized to conduct the comprehensive verification process for product shipments intended for the Saudi market from Asia and Australia, as well as Machinery and equipment portable from North and South America.

How to Get Started

AsiaInspection is Certified in the Following Product Categories:

Construction products

  • Sanitary ware, tiles, bricks, blocks & related product
  • Insulation and cladding material for walls, ceilings and floors
  • Plastic pipes and metal pipes used in electrical wiring systems and water in buildings and fittings
  • Doors windows, glass and accessories

Chemical products

  • Adhesives including adhesive tapes, glues & similar products


  • Machinery used in the food industry
  • Machinery and equipment portable


  • Scooters
  • Shoes
  • Textile
  • Pressure devices and accessories
  • Fire Fighting Equipment, Sprinkler System & similar products
  • Tissue paper products and related product
  • Radios and Telecommunication Terminal Equipment
  • Vehicle Spare Parts
  • Appliances and electrical equipment low voltage

SASO Certification Process:

The certification process may vary depending on the product type, but will generally include the following stages:

  • Finished product inspection
  • Lab testing and analysis
  • Audit of the manufacturing process
  • Documentary check
  • Assessment of compliance with applicable standards and regulations

Certificate of Conformity (SASO CoC)

If your products are found compliant with the SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) standards, AI will issue a Certificate of Conformity, which will allow your shipment to clear Saudi customs.

Who Needs SASO Certification

Any company supplying goods and products to Saudi Arabia, including apparel, toys, electronics, cosmetics, vehicles, furniture, etc. needs a SASO certification.

The only exceptions are the following product categories, which are exempt from the CoC requirements and are regulated by other standards:

  • Medical equipment
  • Medical products
  • Food
  • Military related products
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